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Studio 48 Performing Arts Center is committed in providing disciplined private music education. This requires a commitment on the student’s behalf as well as the teacher. It is difficult to teach without certain expectations and rules to abide by. For this reason, the following expectations apply to all students involved with Studio 48's Department of Theatre:

  1. Payment needs to be paid on the first lesson of every month in full. If there are four lessons in the month, payment amount needs to be for the four lessons. If the lesson falls on a day where there are five lessons, then the payment needs to be for five lessons.

  2. There are only 2 excused absences for the year for illness. If your child or you are ill, please call the studio at 207 798-6966 and email us at to inform us of your illness.

  3. If you or your child have a conflict on the day of your lesson and have not given notice on the first day of the month, you will have forfeited the lesson. Please schedule accordingly. This includes all school concerts, shows and sporting conflicts.

  4. Students who decide not to study at Studio 48 any longer need to give 30 days’ notice. This helps scheduling students accordingly.

  5. Tardiness: Students who are 10 minutes late for a half hour lesson will only receive 20 minutes. If students are late for the hour lessons, the lesson will end at the original time.

  6. Unpreparedness: If you or your child come to the lesson without the necessary music required, the lesson will involve skill building exercises only.

  7. Students who need to change their scheduled time to another day for a short period of time may not be able to return to the originally scheduled music lesson, due to scheduling new students.

  8. Students who want to keep their scheduled lessons and can not commit to the month will need to pay for the month even though they are not attending the lesson.

  9. If you have paid for the month and don’t show up for your lesson, the lesson will be forfeited.

  10. Weekly paying students: If you do not show up for your lesson you will be expected to pay for the full amount.

  11. Monthly students who cancel for another activity will forfeit their lesson and will be required to go to a weekly status and pay full lesson rate.

  12. Weekly paying students: If you cancel on the day of your lesson for another activity, you are expected to pay the lesson rate in full. If lesson is not paid in full, you will forfeit that lesson time and will need to find another time.

  13. When the instructor/teacher is ill or cancels your lesson, you will receive credit towards the next month or a make- up lesson within the month.



We are happy to welcome you to the Studio 48 family!

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