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Studio 48


Private coaching is a highly specialized form of study which lays the foundation for success in the performing arts. Private Instruction is an excellent way to incorporate developmental goals for any student by tailoring lessons to specific areas of immediate interests or needs.  Whether you are looking to improve your technical bravura, to focus on artistic nuances or to acquire the tools to reach your fullest potential, Studio 48's instructor make their services readily available.

Private Lessons and/or Coaching are scheduled directly with the director Rebecca Beck.  Please contact the Department of Theatre Education through email ( or phone (207-319-5148).  Lessons are available in 30-, 45-, or 60-minute increments, and begin with a free 30-minute consultation to assess the students skills, potential and personal growth objectives.  A strong commitment is required.

Contact Rebecca for your free consultation here.

Services include:

  • Classical training for monologues, speeches, or character development,

  • Career Counseling for College preparation and/or professional auditions,

  • Play writing and development.


Department of Theatre
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