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Studio 48


Studio 48 is pleased to offer local performing arts companies the security of a season-long rehearsal space or performance venue.  Studio 48 welcomes well-established companies to rehearse, to build and to hone their artistry in a space that is designed to fuel creativity and creation.  Our collaboration with these companies further exemplifies our commitment to enhance performing arts education for the performing arts opportunities in our community.  Through this program we support the continual development of local artists, while creating future professional performance platforms for our students.



Formerly known as New England Youth Theater, New England Regional Theater Company was established in the Spring of 2007, with the primary purpose of promoting theater arts experience for youth and adults of Mid-Coast Maine.  NERTC seeks to foster the development of our students and their education through a teaching community comprised of talented and creative professionals.  Their efforts and passion helped establish one of the best Community Theater Projects in the Mid-Coast Area.  New England Regional Theater Company offers the tools and support necessary for our students to reach their full potential. To achieve its vision, NERTC focuses on youth theater education, with an annual performance schedule open to the public, collaborating with performing artists, students, adults, and community members.

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