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Welcome to Studio 48 Performing Arts Center violin and piano studio.  Our private studio offers students of all ages the opportunity to learn violin and piano, whether you are novice to an existing musician who is looking to advance their skills.  
Rebecca Beck, violin and piano instructor has many years of teaching students as young as 5 years old to the most mature.  Her violin studies started with Ronald Lantz, member of the Portland String Quartet, who specialized in the Galamian Bow technique, allowing the student to use the full bow correctly producing a more rich and robust sound. 



  • Technique from beginner to advanced

  • How to hold the bow, learning the strings, reading music, fingering, and scales

  • Introducing and understanding of key signatures and the name of the notes

  • Performance pieces, exercises and beginner etude book

  • Effective practice methods to advance your progress

  • Classical to Rock, Country and Pop is offered

Private Lessons are one-on-one and require a committed student for great progress in violin studies.  This requires a 30-minute free consultation to discuss developmental goals, maturity and focus of a student.  After the consultation and agreement to the Department of Music's policies, the student schedules weekly lessons with Rebecca Beck.  Studio rental violins are available, depending upon the size required.  Violin rentals are $30 per month with a $50 damage insurance deposit.  


Group Lessons are encouraged for children and adults who want to learn in a more relaxed, social learning environment.  This is a great way to see if learning the violin is of interest to you.  




  • Hand position, understanding your fingers, and 5-note approach for beginners

  • Adult learners will focus on scales, chords, theory, and tabs to learn quicker

  • Beginning Classical Lessons start with John Thompson piano books

  • Theory begins with the Lila Fletcher Theory papers

  • Students who want to learn piano for songwriting will learn tabs, chords, key signatures and theory.  

  • Hanon Technical Studies for agility, form and pattern recognition.  

Private Lessons are one-on-one lessons, scheduled in 30- or 60-minute increments.  Students will need to schedule a free 30 -minute consultation to discuss the student’s goals, maturity and focus and Studio 48's policies and expectations.  After the consultation, weekly lessons will be scheduled with Rebecca Beck. 

CELLO LESSONS with Ben Noyes

Private Lessons in Cello are available on Tuesday's and Thursday's with Ben Noyes.  To schedule a lesson please contact Ben at


DRUM LESSONS with Charlie Wing 

Accepting New Students for Wednesday and Thursday Afternoons.  3:00 PM -6:30 pm.

Schedule your lessons or free consultation HERE

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