Studio 48

Events and Performances
Events and Performances

Studio 48 Performing Arts Center is first and foremost a performing arts educational facility, which requires the practice and execution of performances.  Throughout the academic year we work hard to establish the greatest number of performance opportunities for our students, from demonstrations of class work to full-fledged productions, from community outreach to professional collaborations, and from small scale venues to proscenium arched stages. 


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The Golden Fleece

Performance on Studio 48 outside stage. Sept. 9 @ 4:30 PM and Sept. 11 @ 2:00 PM

Homeschool Performance (Session 2).    

               December 17 & 18 @ 2:00PM                 

Homeschool Performance (Session 3).    

                                                                   May 6 & 7 TBA

Studio 48 Halloween Costume Party        

  Saturday, October 29 @ 4:00PM

End of Year Recital        

        June 10, 2023 @ 2PM & 5PM