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Studio 48


Private voice lessons are a highly specialized course of study which lay the foundation of music

education for singers of all ages. Focused on connecting the student to the voice and the voice to

student these lessons develop diverse techniques and disciplines to maintain a healthy instrument. Teaching practices include the innovative use of physical alignment, relaxation, and breathing techniques, coinciding with the philosophies outlined by the Alexander Technique.  Vocal exercises, tailored to individuals, from classical to pop, aim to strengthen the larynx and vocal cords, yielding increased range and flexibility.  Additionally, balance is a key factor to the success of our students. When a student is out of balance, so is the voice, and our lessons include tactics and exercises to help strengthen that harmony.


Successfully adopting these practices enables the student to experience true singing, producing the technical strengths and abilities to create their “own sound”.  As each student is distinctive and special, so is the voice, mapping a unique path for the singer’s journey.  Studio 48’s Private Voice Studio will help focus and build the best voice befitting the best you!

Having a voice teacher and vocal coach all in one studio is key for those who are passionate about performing .  Rick Faugno and Rebecca Beck team up for students who are preparing for Musical Theater auditions professionally or recreationally, auditions for College acceptance, and for television. If you have drive to succeed, Studio 48 Performing Arts Voice department is for you. 

Contact Rebecca for your free consultation here.

Services include:

  • Classical training, musical theater, pop & Rock

  • Career Counseling for College  preparation and/or professional auditions,

  • Microphone Techniques and “ Voice Sculpting “ for Pop or Rock,

  • Individual Sound Development,

  • Characterization through song


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