​Welcome to Studio 48 Performing Arts & Dance Center!

Studio 48 Dance partnered with Studio 48 Performing Arts Center have been training and inspiring young dancers and performers in the Mid Coast Community for several years.  We are  committed to provide quality dance, voice lessons,  instrumental lessons and theater arts training to our students to nurture their love of the performing arts.  We believe Performing Arts training instills in everyone self-discipline, poise, and self confidence that will ultimately help them in whatever endeavors they choose in life.  Studio 48 Performing Arts & Dance Center offers classes in all aspects of Performing Arts; Dance, Acting, Voice, Violin, Piano, Musical Theater, Film and Pageant Consultation.  Dance classes consist of Contemporary Ballet, Tap, Creative movement, Jazz and Hip Hop. 

"Create the voice you have always dreamed of"

"Dance to the rhythm of life"

"Music and dance should be a part of everyone's life.  It is a way to learn about the language of the arts and ultimately ourselves by developing many skills music and dance provides that apply to other aspects of life.  Whether you plan to become a professional singer or dancer, or simply want to learn for your own enjoyment, Studio 48 Performing Arts can provide all the necessary skills to help you accomplish your goals. "

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