Private Music Lessons

Studio 48 Performing Arts Center offers private lessons in voice, violin and piano. 

To begin at Studio 48 Performing Arts Center, the student is offered a 30 minute free consultation.  During this free consultation, the instructor, student and parent, if applicable, will discuss scheduling and expectations. 

Placement: During the 30 minute consultation, the instructor may recommend the student to be placed in private lessons or into classes.  This is to make sure each student is placed correctly according to skill, age, costs and level of commitment.  

Private lessons are scheduled in  half hour, 45 minute and hour-long classes.  A strong commitment is required. 

Scheduling: When deciding your weekly committed schedule, we strongly urge you to forecast.  This requires to know your school schedule, your athletic schedule and concert schedule.  There are policies to assure students to maintain  consistent attendance.  This is important for personal growth, arts discipline and progress. 



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