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Classes Begin October 2, 2021

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Studio 48 is very excited to offer in-person classes for our Summer Season 2021.  Fall 2021 classes coming soon.  All summer classes will be held at the Brunswick location.  Studio 48 has built an outside stage for students to be able to work outside.  We continue to adapt our programs and summer camps to offer you the best and safest opportunity to continue practicing the performing arts we love so much. Here are some of our updated policies to help our families during the pandemic and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.




Based on the size of our studios, the Yarmouth Studio will have an enrollment limit of 6 students and the Brunswick Studio, a limit of 10 students. CDC suggestions are students to still exercise social distancing of 3 feet.  Masks are no longer recommended in an outside setting.  Studio 48 respects individuals who feel the need to wear masks during classes, however, the mask mandate has been lifted. 


GROUP CLASS PACKAGES (subject to change)


In order to best create the safest learning environment for our students, our parents, and our faculty, Studio 48 has created a schedule to reduce the opportunity for cross-transmission. By scheduling our classes in a manner that provides one group of students and one teacher a whole day for lessons, Studio 48 is heavily reducing the potential for viral spread while enabling the students to partake in more than one dance style.




Studio 48 campuses will still be following the guidelines of:

  • Sanitizing all frequently touched surfaces, including doorknobs, light switches, bathroom faucets, and chairs;

  • Providing access to Clorox sanitizing wipes, tissues, and hand-sanitizer for personal use as well as no-touch trashcans;

  • Reinforcing and reminding students and faculty of proper hygienic practices, including the regular washing of hands and the covering of coughs or sneezes.